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Every day of our beloved Phoenix’s life, may he Rest In Peace, Lincolnshire Animal Hospital loved and very cared for Phoenix for virtually every day of his life. Lincolnshire was like a second home to him and when he had his daily treatments they had a special place for him to hang out on his bed with his ice water and with his “school bag”. He knew he was loved and cared for when he was there. An exceptional place with extraordinary care!

Florence M. 9/2017

Two of our dogs have been patients here of Dr. Clarke’s. Dr Clarke is great and takes time to really explain things in detail. To be honest, all of the vets, techs and desk staff, are equally professional and like family too.

Most recently our 11 year old female German Shorthaired Pointer, Morgan had to be laid to rest. Cancer came on suddenly and was bringing her usual high energy spirit down. With compassion like I’ve never known, Dr Erin Timonere waited after hours for our 2 adult daughters to arrive to say goodbye. She explained the reasons to them, for our only decision. They then, completely understood our painful choice.

I drive by everyday with a tear in my eye on my way to work, but know I’ll be back one day with a furry family member. If you want the best care for your pet in the Northern suburbs, this is your place.

Mary R. 5/2017

I LOVE Lincolnshire Animal Hospital.  Everyone we have come into contact with here has been an absolute joy to work with. We have had our dog for almost 2 years now, and use Lincolnshire because my MiL (mother-in-law) has been bringing her dogs there for years.

We have seen the majority of the vets and interacted with many techs.  Everyone here is a true animal lover and my dog’s safety and well-being is always their top priority.

I always wonder how he behaves when he is taken into the back for blood work, etc. when we can’t see him, and one of the techs told me today that he’s just fantastic and everyone loves him.  This makes me feel so great.

We’re always able to get in the same day, and they truly care about us and listen to our concerns as well as what symptoms we’ve seen from him before always thoroughly examining.

I recommend LAH to anyone!

Valerie W. 07/16

Can’t say enough about how good they are. Three generations of my family have been customers. About a dozen pets from hamsters to various cats and dogs of all shapes and sizes!

The front staff is superior to anywhere else I have had to use. Friendly and reliable.

The vet techs are smart and fast and very careful. Again clearly top line staff.

It is easy to be great with routine exams. I have had to euthanize two pets and I have never had so much support in so difficult a time. The docs are fantastic. One even came to our house to handle the end stage of our daughter’s first dog.

Outstanding clinic.

Dan D. 2/2015

I recently took my dog to this hospital to get a routine check-up and update his shots. I used to go to wheeling animal hospital but I changed because of so many good reviews Lincolnshire Animal Hospital has. I will say these reviews are very true. Here was my experience:

When I called to make an appointment, the woman on the phone was very nice and was very easy to work with. She gave me an appointment time that worked and was flexible to accommodate my request to go in as soon as possible (+1) also excited to meet my dog. I was running a little late to my appointment – Dr. Julie DiFuccia called me to make sure I was coming and to see if I needed directions (+1). As I arrived, I checked in and filled out some paperwork and waited (since I was late to my appointment, I expected to wait; no problem!). Once it was my turn, we weighted my dog and went into the exam room. Julie was quick to come into the room to greet me and my dog (+1) some places keep you waiting even in the exam room. She went through the basic exam and told me what items are necessary and what are just optional. I didn’t feel like she was trying to sell me more preventatives and unnecessary vaccinations and pressuring me to get them (+1). Then she took my dog to the back where he got his vaccinations and brought him back quickly. She reassured me on items that I was worried regarding the health of my dog and told me that she was confident that everything was good (+1). I paid for the visit and we were on our way.

Summary: This place deserves a 5 star rating and I would definitely recommend this place to anyone in the area looking for a good vet. Staff is super nice, Julie is knowledgeable and caring, facility is clean, and most of all, I did not feel judged for being late on vaccines for my dog. Thanks Julie!

Post Visit – I got a phone call regarding my dog’s heartworm test. It was negative. The reason I mention this is because some places do ‘no news is good news’ and you don’t hear from them after. I think it’s good to know all news, good or bad.

Also, one of the staff members called me to get my feedback and follow up on my visit to the hospital. I thought this was a great touch. Even though I couldn’t pick up the phone due to work, she left a message saying welcome and hoping everything went well and if I was/wasn’t happy to contact them right away. Definitely 5 Star rating worthy.

Jung K. 7/2015

The level of professionalism and dedication at Lincolnshire AH is outstanding. We’ve been going here for several years for routine care, but our Golden Retriever recently needed surgery. Dr. Emmelot listened to all of my concerns, answered all of my questions and explained what was wrong and the needed tests and procedure very thoroughly. He followed up himself, calling to check on her. The staff is outstanding – personable, warm and knowledgeable. Wish I could give them more than 5 stars!!

Carol R. 1/2016

Thank goodness for the kind, compassionate care our fur babies receive at the Lincolnshire Animal Hospital. The vets always strike the right balance between the most appropriate care and best use of resources. Due to an unfortunate pet illness, we have learned that not all vets live up to the standard of care we are used to receiving from Dr. E. I am grateful and would recommend LAH to everyone whole heartedly.

Nancy E. 5/2015

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