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Kitty Korner

Tips on Bringing Your Cat into the Vet

Screen Shot 2016-08-11 at 10.14.13 AMBelow is a list of helpful tips on how to get your cat in a carrier and bring it safely to the vet.

  1. Place the carrier in a visible space several days before your appointment so that your cat doesn’t see it and run!
  2. Prior to placing your cat in the carrier, place a familiar smelling item in the carrier. For example, a shirt that smells like their favorite person, a toy that they love, etc.
  3. Prior to placing your cat in the carrier (about 20 mins) spray the towel that you have in there with Feliway or any other synthetic feline facial pheromone to ease the transition and comfort them when they are placed in the carrier. The feline facial pheromone gives them the sense that “this is a happy space and I don’t need to be nervous”.
  4. There are a couple of ways to get your cat in their carrier. If you have one that deconstructs, do so and gently (not too loudly) then place the top of the carrier once he/she is in the bottom portion of the carrier. OR you can gently scruff your cat (this does NOT hurt them) and tilt the carrier up in to the air with your other hand and lower the cat rear feet first into the carrier. This way they don’t see what is happening and they can’t use their front legs to block the entrance of the carrier!
  5. Use a towel or a cat carrier cover to obstruct the view of the cat. In a darker space, they feel more secure and cannot panic about their surroundings.
  6. We will do our best to escort you immediately into the examination room when you arrive for your appointment, but if we have an emergency and our feline room is being used, we recommend keeping your cat carrier off the ground and to stay seated in an area of our lobby that is away from other patients.