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    Take Your Dog to Work Day!

    Jun 08 2018

    For centuries, man has kept his faithful canine companion by his side; assisting in the herding of his livestock, clearing the rodents from his buildings, and keeping a watchful eye…

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    7 Myths About Lyme Disease

    Jun 03 2018

    The outdoor nature of Summer invites the possibility of pests – free-loading bloodsuckers like fleas and ticks that can make a comfy home in the density of your pet’s coat…

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    National Pet Preparedness Month

    May 30 2018

    June is National Pet Preparedness Month. What would you do if a natural or man-made disaster struck where you live? Where you vacation? We can all agree that our pets…

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    April Means Heartworm Awareness!

    Apr 04 2018

    April means Springtime: baby animals learning how to forage, birds chirping in the trees, the days growing noticeably longer and warmer, and of course… BUGS. Springtime means bugs. But more…

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    Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month!

    Apr 01 2018

      A pet is a life-long promise of love and responsibility, and while many pets make for loyal, loving companions, not every owner holds up their end of the bargain.…

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    National Dog Bite Prevention Week

    Mar 16 2018

    National Dog Bite Prevention Week® April 8-14, 2018  ANY DOG CAN BITE. Just because a dog looks small and harmless, doesn’t mean it is. Even the sweetest and most loving…

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    Pet Food Recall Expanded

    Feb 21 2018

    The J.M. Smucker Company, a manufacturer of several major pet food brands, announced last week that it was recalling a number of popular pet food products after it was found…

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    Thanksgiving Pet Safety

    Nov 07 2017

    Thanksgiving Pet Safety Thanksgiving is a special holiday that brings together family and friends, but it also can carry some hazards for pets. Holiday food needs to be kept away…

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    November is National Diabetes Month!

    Nov 03 2017

    NATIONAL DIABETES MONTH Did you know that 1 in every 200 cats may be affected by diabetes mellitus (DM)? November is National Diabetes Month, and while this month was originally…

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    NOV 5-11: National Animal Shelter & Rescue Appreciation Week

    Nov 03 2017

    Did you know that 63 percent of modern American households include pets? That’s an estimated 78 million dogs and 85.8 million cats in homes across the United States. Now, did…